Here at Versatile Contracting we provide an exceptional range of specialist cleaning and maintenance services for all your industrial needs. Our team of experts are highly trained in all the latest techniques and technologies. We have exceptionally high standards where health and safety are concerned and are ready and eager to ensure every inch of your premises is spotlessly clean.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to tackling even the toughest jobs, including:


Industrial kitchens work incredibly hard to produce all that wonderful food your customers enjoy so much. But cooking is a greasy business, and it doesn't half get everywhere. Every nook and cranny, every surface, crevice, tile and vent. Thoroughly degreasing a kitchen is no small task but it's vital to ensure your cooking is as good as it can possibly be, your equipment is functioning at peak efficiency, and absolutely everything is kept completely clean and sparkling.

Hard floors

Hard floors can be particularly difficult to keep clean and safe. We offer a range of services to ensure your floors are thoroughly clean and always perfectly maintained.


Workshops are hectic places filled with hustle, bustle, and a great deal of tools and equipment. The wear and tear of all that work takes its toll, and the busy nature of a workshop doesn't generally lend itself to a great deal of free time to spend cleaning, organising, and ensuring everything is maintained to the highest standard of safety. We get so used to things being a certain way we don't see the dirt or the things that need repairing. Grease and grime accumulate over time and because we see everything day in, day out, we forget that certain things never used to be that colour, and other things used to work a lot better than they do now. Versatile Contracting are here to ensure everything is working as smoothly as possible and is always clean, healthy, and safe.

Outside maintenance

Whether it's the drains that need clearing, the paths that need power washing, or your windows that need cleaning, we have everything on the outside of your property covered from the ground all the way up to the chimney.

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