Versatile Contracting provide a range of services for the domestic home owner. Our maintenance and cleaning service is specifically designed with the busy household in mind. The modern world is a busy one, and the last thing you want to be doing after a hard day at work, a night out on the town, or a long weekend playing with the kids is worry about the cleaning.

It's the simple things you never have time for, like mowing the lawn, doing the laundry, and keeping the kitchen sparkling clean, that really grind you down. Your list of jobs is endless, and no matter how much time you spend trying to get everything straight, it never seems to be enough.

Take the stress and worry out of the equation with our tailored cleaning and maintenance service. We will do all those little jobs you never have time for, from everyday chores like hoovering and dusting, to the nitty gritty detail like cleaning your skirting boards and washing the windowsills. Even better, we're happy to handle all the big jobs you really detest, like decontaminating the extractor fan and tackling the toilet along with all that mildew in the bathroom.

Say goodbye to hairy shower drains and hello to extra hours spent out with friends, or relaxing with a glass of wine, a good book, or your favourite TV show.

You work so hard for your home. You should enjoy the time you spend in it, rather than constantly feeling the pressure to waste what little free time you have sorting things out. Whether you need someone to pop in every couple of weeks and straighten things out, or you need a full clean twice a week, we're happy to work out a schedule and itinerary that suits you and your home. Give us a call today, and help us to help you get your home spick and span.

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